Code of Governance

Code1 Community Group CiC, is constituted as a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (number 12208855)  

Code1 Community Group CiC was incorporated on 16th September 2019 as a company limited by guarantee. It is governed by its Articles of Association which were last amended on 29th January 2020.


Code1 works predominantly with African Caribbean people in the borough of Haringey  and especially the Tottenham wards.


  1. To assist the development of young people by promoting, improving and assisting the delivery of efficient and high quality youth work services.

  2. To relieve poverty by assisting young people in need and by encouraging young people to make use of educational and recreational facilities so that their lives may be improved.

  3. To give young people access to a range of learning opportunities and challenging experiences which promote their personal, social and spiritual development.

  4. Address the issues ( social isolation, food poverty in Haringey, Mental Health, lack of resources) faced by residents who have been disproportionately impacted by the economic hardships associated with Covid 19.

  5. Restore a sense of community by involving local residents in planning and delivery of our projects.


Code1 Community Group CiC  is governed by a management by a board of directors. The board comprises of a minimum of 3 members.  

Code1 Community Group CiCs board of directors regularly monitors and reviews the success of the organisation in meeting its key objectives, and considers improvements to governance and performance accordingly.


  • All funds must be applied to the objects of the group and for no other purpose. 

  • Any income / expenditure shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer who will be accountable to ensure funds are utilised effectively and that the group stays within budget. Official accounts shall be maintained, and will be examined annually by an independent accountant, who is not a member of the group.

  • Any bank accounts opened for the organisation shall be in the name of Code1 Community Group CiC. 

  • Any cheques issued shall be signed by 2 signatories.

Our Well-Being SPACES


We cant wait to get back to our performing arts sessions.

This is us just before the lockdown.


So much fun! Venessa Bobb Founder of A2ndVoice came to visit!

Her daughter Louise,19, is on her 4th week of online arts, crafts and cookery sessions. SUBJECT: Coping with Autism in lockdown.



Our Holistic Aims

We are an organisation that has a mission statement to develop new skills and confidence within the Black community. We have identified various challenges within the community namely Isolation, domestic abuse, mental health issues and financial difficulties.


To address this complex community needs we offer:

Tailored sessions made accessible through the support of local professionals namely Bevali Mckenzie, Dee Buchanan, Paul Mckenzie, Theodore Akpan and other qualified therapists who are able to meet the cultural-based needs of the community we address.


We believe that group arts, mentoring, support and development of new skills that recognise isolation as a problem are key to unlocking opportunities for those who are socially isolated.


Health care services are under increasing pressure and are, due to funding cuts not able to fully support the vast challenges faced by local residents.


We as an organisation who envisage resolving this issue by offering our clients non-clinical services to meet their wellbeing needs, as it has been identified that a number of patients seen by GP’S report a problem which is social rather than medical.


We are thus able to refer such individuals to professionals we have on our books who are working alongside with us delivering counselling, peer to peer support, hypnotherapy, remedial massage, reflexology, NLP and mentoring.


We are addressing social prescribing as being more than just delivering services and social activities just in times of crisis such as this, but in constantly building and adding to services that will both improve and have a lasting effect on those who attend.


We seek to deliver our social prescribed sessions in local settings such as Homes4Haringey, the Bernie Grant Arts Centre and the Trampery , open to all, providing transport so nobody will be excluded. We will be addressing a solution and reducing the impact on GP’s for non-medical related issues such as isolation.


We are delighted to offer these services to the community as we strive to develop a shared sense of health, wellbeing and development of new skills within the community. We strive to help the community to help and support each other.


So please contact us if we can be of service.


One of our womens Retreats


Dee Buchanan

Bevali Mckenzie

Paul Mckenzie

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 17.34.31.png

Behind the Scenes

Here at Code1 Community Group, we see the value in everyone, but understand that injustice and the social economical system is negatively reflected in the lives of the Black community. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginning last year, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organisation upon;  support, empowerment, and progress. Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.

All our activities are free !

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 21.25.42.png
Bevali as Project Manager setting up the tuition school for 4-22 Foundation. The lead Tutor being Dee Buchanan.
Check out Bevali's blonde hair!
The children were amazing.



Getting our member's voices heard. Building individuals and completing Arts Awards Accreditation. We work alongside FOAM20 and Reel Brit Productions to make short films involving our local youth. We also host regular local events to showcase the emerging talent in our borough and neighbouring boroughs. Our workshops and events involve working closely with disadvantaged members of our communities



Reinforcing positive eating lifestyles through workshops and training programs. We involve the whole family to bring about change. When our members eat well they feel well and are mentally stronger for taking and making healthy decisions. We believe that exercise is very important and make sure that our members stay active.



Taking one step at a time to achieve confidence. Promoting real outcomes by working with young people on a 1-1 basis and in small groups. Intervention workshops are extremely important in the lives of our young. With a high volume of knife crime, anti-social behaviour and mental health issues within the borough we need to engage our young people in positive life skills from an early age.

Mature Woman


Here at Code1 Community Group, we are driven towards working with our elders in our community. Many of our elders live in isolation and need to feel part of the community. We recognise the disconnection between the youth and the older community and aim to correct this by introducing programs that will encourage communication between the inter-generational gap. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact on all of our pursuits. Some of our elders are interested in our elderly storytelling sessions, where they can express themselves and teach the younger generation about their lives, culture and experiences. We look out for our elderly and support them with good nutritional advice, befriending services, subsidised holistic treatments, respite retreats and art/creative classes.


Some of our young members putting a spoken-word piece together


Code1 Community Group recognises that all individuals are equal. We do however understand the need to identify those people from the Black community who are not able to engage in the same educational, professional, sociable and economical systems as their counterparts for whatever the reason, be it attitude towards institutions, social and economic exclusions, poverty, crime, and school exclusion.

We also work closely with A2ndVoice charity and other groups that encourage inclusivity for autistic children and their families.